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The Last Gen-Xer is both me and my blog. As one born at the end of the Generation X era, I am among the last of the generation. For example, I remember maps. No, not Google Maps, real maps – the kind that are the size of a dining room table and once unfolded can never be folded correctly again. iPhones? Hardly.  More like pay phones and car phones. DVDs? Nay. How about VHS and the final days of Betamax. Heck, we even had a Dragon’s Lair arcade game in our basement (thanks dad!), which ran on Laser Discs! I remember when it was still en vogue to have wood-paneled technology (our old TV and VCR come to mind) and I remember when the Atari 2600 was “only fifty bucks!”


Like me, this blog is eclectic and will cover various Gen X themes – everything from the geeky (e.g. role-playing, Sci-Fi, etc.) to the cultural issues particular to my generation.

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