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Queen and their Awesome Soundtracks of the 1980s

I have a different level of appreciation for Queen than I do for other bands. Why? Because, while they were off-the-charts artistically and musically, they clearly didn’t take themselves too seriously. That or they took musical direction on their film soundtracks way too literally:

Producer: “We would like you to do the soundtrack for the Flash Gordon movie we are working on. You know, something in your epic, rock

opera style, tying together the big themes of the film…”

Queen: “Say no more – we got this…”

Result: “Flash! A-ah! Savior of the universe! Flash! A-ah! He'll save everyone of us! Flash! A-ah! He's a miracle! Flash! A-ah! King of the impossible!”

While Queen’s Flash Gordon soundtrack is a gem, it is rivaled by their work on the original Highlander film with songs every bit as plot-literal and outrageous, including “Who Wants to Live Forever,” “Don’t Lose Your Head,” “Princes of the Universe,” and “Gimmie the Prize.” While Queen may not have mastered subtlety, they did master awesome and memorable soundtracks – some of the best of the ‘80s if you ask me.

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